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Struwwelpeter, cuentos crueles al oído

for 8 instruments, actor, dancer & electronics 

Year 2020 / Duration : 50′ 

Commissioned by the JORCAM / Jordi Francés conductor

Premiered in the Festival Ensems / Palau de la música València

Addressed to young people (+12) and based on the classical German children’s book by Heinrich Hoffman, this work explore the limits of the grotesque associated with childhood through music and theatre. It also reflects the extent to which our social and cultural values are based on mechanisms of censorship, discipline and punishment although these themes are often presented in lighter or more humorous ways. 

Text by Lola Fernández de Sevilla y Cristina Cubells


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for 6 instruments & electronics 

Year 2022 / Duration 50′

Commissioned by OSIC Oficina de Suport a la Iniciativa Cultural

Premiered in the Teatro de la Abadía and Sala Beckett 

fl – sop sx – Bcl/cl – kbd – vln – vc

Text by Cristina Cubells. A piece for 12 children and 6 instruments for an adult audience exploring the agency of the children through the first versions of the Grimm’s tales. Over the years, these stories acquire new readings and interpretations of the hand of adults, who usually pass them on to children. But what would happen if, on this occasion, it is the children who are responsible for transferring them to the adults? 

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